Rhinoplasty in Fullerton, CA

Many individuals will undergo a rhinoplasty in order to correct a breathing issue, or to improve the visual appearance of their nose. This surgical procedure is able to alter the skin, cartilage, and/or the nasal bone based on the unique needs and desires of the patient. The highly trained ENT specialists at Greater Orange County Ear, Nose Throat – Head & Neck Surgeons Inc have extensive experience performing rhinoplasty procedures, sometimes referred to as nose jobs. If you are experiencing a breathing issue, or you would like to correct a cosmetic issue with your nose, contact our ENT office in Fullerton by calling (714) 447-4100 today.

How the Procedure Works

Before the rhinoplasty begins, all patients are sedated using anesthesia so that they can remain comfortable throughout the surgery. Your ENT specialist will then create an incision from within the nose or along the small strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. The type of alterations being made to the nose will determine which type of incision is made, as well as how the internal structures are shaped to improve the appearance and/or function of the nose.

Treating a Deviated Septum

The septum is the piece of flexible cartilage that exists between your two nostrils. It is possible for this cartilage to become dislodged or deformed, which can lead to many different types of breathing issues or chronic nasal conditions. In order to correct this problem, your surgeon will need to straighten the septum and firmly place it to prevent any future dislocation.

This procedure to realign the septum is known as a septoplasty, which is often combined with a rhinoplasty due to their similar nature. The performance of a septoplasty often brings about an opportunity for the individual to enhance any features of their nose if they so choose.

Reconstruction of the Nose

If a patient wishes to make their nose smaller, your facial surgeon will reshape the area by removing bone or cartilage. This is the most common reason given for a purely cosmetic rhinoplasty.

It is also possible to add cartilage or bone to the nose to help balance out the individual?s facial proportions. Additional cartilage may come from other areas of the body, such as the ears or even their ribs.

Final Steps and Recovery

After the nose has been appropriately adjusted, your ENT specialist will securely situate the skin around this area and close their incisions.

The recovery process will take several weeks. During the first week, you will be advised to wear a nasal splint that is designed to hold everything in proper position while the nose begins to heal. It is completely normal for patients to experience some swelling as well as bruising of the nose in the first couple of weeks after their rhinoplasty, but you should call Greater Orange County ENT immediately if your symptoms do not subside or if they do not resolve within 2 weeks post-procedure.

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